Leaving your four-legged friend behind you while going on a business trip or a family wedding is not easy. It can make you feel worried about their overall well-being when you are not around. This is why choosing the right doggy day care in Redditch becomes imperative to ensure the health, hygiene and safety of your beloved pup.

However, there are still many misconceptions and myths among people regarding the system that follows in these daycare facilities. If you plan to send your pet to daycare in the near future, it is required to get a clear idea about the system and be aware of the common myths and facts related to the same.

4 Common Myths

Day Care is Not Safe for My Doggy

As a loving and caring owner, you might feel that no one can take better care of your pet as you do, and this is true to some extent. But, that does not mean these facilities are not safe for your pet. These dog care facilities have a team of certified vets and dog care experts. Hence, they can take good care of your dogs and never let them feel sick or uncomfortable inside that facility.

No One Would Be There for My Dog

Many people think that dogs are not given proper care in these facilities as they are not emotionally attached to these animals. The truth is these businesses are highly aware of their reputation. Hence, they are highly careful about the safety and security of every animal they have with them. They never leave these animals unattended and constantly monitor them to avoid risks and accidents.

My Dog Will Be Attacked by Other Dogs

At professional and reliable Dog kennels Bromsgrove, you can find separate units for large and small dogs. They always keep the fierce ones separate from those tiny pawed pets. Therefore, you should not be worried about the safety of your dog when you leave them in these facilities.

My Dog Will Feel Lonely

In fact, it can be completely opposite. Instead of leaving them in an empty house all day long, you should send them to the doggy daycare where they can get company and care.

Hylton Kennels offers a comfortable, safe and reliable doggy daycare facility for your beloved pets. We ensure the complete safety of your pets within our premises. Please get in touch with us for more information about our services.