You are craving a holiday but feel guilty leaving your four-legged furry companion behind. Every pet dog wishes to stay with its master all the time. Relatives or friends are a good option; however, they are not always reliable. If you have an unforeseen emergency and you have to leave your dog behind, consult the services for dog kennels in Bromsgrove. 

Know-How to Choose the Best Dog Kennel Service

  1. Basic Research

The first thing that you should consider is location. While selecting a doggy daycare in Redditch ensure how long you will leave your pet behind. Do not put yourself through unwanted stress, rather plan and research from before. Once you have the names of all the petting facilities, see whether it fits your requirement. Read the reviews and ask for feedback. All this will help you narrow down your options.

2. Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors when it comes to choosing a dog kennel service. Ensure that the place is not cramped. There should be proper ventilation, and the inside must not feel dingy and gloomy. The facility should be well maintained and clean. The dog crates or kennels like the ones at the dog kennels in Bromsgrove should be adequately sized and not stinking from the smell of poop or urine.

3. Qualifications

Before deciding on a doggy kennel facility, thoroughly check the services that it offers. In several places, you need proper licenses and certifications to run a kennel business. You must check these documents to avoid problems in the future. Proper certifications are also a guarantee of their top-standard services. 

4. Take a tour

As the customer, it is your responsibility to take a tour of the entire facility. You will find all the answers to your concerns and questions. To the workers of the facility, ask them vital questions. Sometimes, the reality is much different from the pictures on the website. You can monitor their daily operations and ensure if you are putting your dogs in good hands.  

5. Doggy Care

The facility for doggy daycare in Redditch has qualified professionals taking care of your furry friend. They maintain a timely feeding schedule, provide the dog with crates, food, and bedding, give them toys to play with. They conduct regular training and exercise sessions for the dog. Individual care is important when it comes to dealing with pets and handling their anxiety issues. The facility should also have a 24*7 pet doctor to cater to emergencies.  Consult Hylton Hound Hotel for their high-standard dog kennel services and avail them at affordable prices.