Reason to Choose a Dog Kennel Service Over A Pet Sitter

While planning a vacation, the major point of concern is keeping your four legged companion alone. While most of you can travel with your dog, it is not the same case always. There are instances when you have to leave your pet dog behind. in such circumstances, you have two options to choose from – a service for dog kennel in Bromsgrave or a pet sitter. To select the best, you must weigh the pros and cons between the two.   

Benefits of A Dog Kennel Service  

Dog boarding kennels function as a safe house for the dogs. Here, you can leave your pet for a longer or shorter duration. A kind of confinement zone, the professionals ensure that your dog is comfortable and relaxed here. there is a lot of space for them to run and play around, while socialising with the other dogs.  

A dog kennel service provides unending benefits to the customers. Below stated are a few of them- 

  • Stress free – The dog kennel professionals can efficiently handle dogs of all kind and temperament. They follow strict guidelines while handling the pet dogs. They are also strict with the timings for feeding, grooming and walking.  
  • Keep the pets safe – The kennel works as a safe comfort zone for the dog. They are well ventilated so that the dogs can breathe easily. It provides a roof for them to share, giving protection against rainy season or harsh weather situations. Considering a dog kennel is a good option to keep them protected and safe. 
  • Convenience- Another remarkable perk of consulting a dog kennel is that it offers convenience the owners. They provide high standard services to take care of your pet. The owners also get pick up and drop facilities as per their suitability. 
  • 24/7 survellience – Another advantage of a dog kennel service is their utmost professionalism in catering services. They are expert individuals who will take care of your dog throughout the day, feeding them and playing with them. They train the dogs to channel out their energy. They ensure that no dog feels lonely in the absence of their favourite owner.  
  • Cost efficient- A dog kennel is an affordable option than individual pet sitters give the wide range of services, which they offer.  

Hiring a Pet Sitter 

  • The sitter might not work beyond a particular time frame  
  • You are opening your home to an unknown person. They might not trustrowthy 
  • Sometimes the sitters can plainly ignore your dog or refuse to engage with them all the time 
  • With a pet sitter, the feeding schedule of your dog can change. The same can happen with the intake of medicines 
  • Some pet sitters refuse to handle anxious dogs because of the lack of experience and knowledge 
  • They can charge additional money for different unwanted reasons  
  • You have no assurance about the quality of dog care service that he/she will render 

You can consult Hylton Hounds Hotel for the range of professional services like  dog care, dog boarding and kennel services. The experienced members ensure to take care of every dog as a family member. From maximum comfort to special diets, playtime, training for anxiety control, socialisation etc, you can avail of their services at cost effective prices. They also provide the best-in-class environment for the dogs by maintaining utmost hygiene and cleanliness.